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Walt Disney World Resort is easily the best place to take your family on holiday. From the huge theme parks to the world-class resorts, Disney World adds the perfect mix of fun, comfort, and luxury into family vacations. But as with any other trip, planning and budgeting are vital to making the most out of your visit. Here are some things to remember when planning a trip to Disney World.

Find the best deal

Walt Disney World Resort offers a vacation packages to help you save time. While these are more convenient, they’re not exactly cheaper. Read carefully through each package and note the services included. Remember that you’re paying for everything in the package, so make sure you can redeem all the offerings. Do away with little extras such as commemorative pins, dinner reservations, or playtime hours unless you’re sure your family will enjoy them.

The following are some typical Disney vacation packages:

Luxury range: The Magic Your Way Platinum package is an "all inclusive" deal that includes park admission, lodging at Disney Deluxe Resorts, and dining at high-end restaurants. Other perks include unlimited golf times, a fireworks cruise, and reservations at popular shows and events. These are great for honeymooners, retirees, and others who prefer a leisurely restaurant dinner over a day at the theme parks.

Mid-range: The Magic Your Way Premium Package is perfect for those who want more options besides the theme parks, but cannot afford luxury vacations just yet. This includes the standard Magic Your Way ticket, to which you can add options to enter the Water Parks or visit more than one theme park a day. You also get to choose extras such as dining plans and sports activities.

Value range: The basic Magic Your Way package includes admission to one theme park per day (the Base ticket, which you can upgrade anytime), accommodation at Moderate or Value class resorts, and casual dining. This is the best choice for families with young children, who will enjoy a day at the Water Parks more than dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Get help from travel agents

One of the easiest ways to plan your vacation is to get a travel agent. If you’ll be flying to Orlando for your visit, look for a travel agency that specializes in Walt Disney World Resort vacations. They also offer vacation packages, but they are more flexible and don’t include useless extras such as free stickers. These companies have inside connections that will get you the best deals on hotels, dining, theme park admissions, and virtually every aspect of your trip. You may have to pay for their services, but it’s well worth the time and effort you will save.

Buy tickets in advance

While you can get tickets upon arrival, it’s virtually mandatory to buy them ahead of time. You can buy them online from Disney and have them mailed to you along with your vouchers and travel documents. There are a few good vendors who offer discounted tickets, but make sure they are authorized by Disney to avoid getting fake or used tickets.

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