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For Disney World first-timers, it can be hard to decide which attractions to go to. There’s more to Disney World than its four theme parks and the two Water Parks. Downtown Disney, Pleasure Island, the Animal Kingdom, and the Disney MGM and Universal Studios are just some of Disney’s other offerings. That’s why you need a Walt Disney World map to help you get the most out of your trip.

If you’re staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, maps are usually available from the hotel’s information desk. But to save time, try downloading Walt Disney World maps from the Internet instead. There are several sites offering free downloads. Here are a few recommendations.

Walt Disney World Resort® Maps

Disney World allows you to create customized maps by selecting "Map Favorites" from major areas. Your Map Favorites will be highlighted on the map so you can better plan your visit. When you’ve finished creating your map, you can order printouts for home delivery. You can also save the maps online so you can keep adding favorites until you’re ready to order. This service is currently available for the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and the Disney-MGM Studios.

A Access Maps

This site offers Disney street maps showing Disney World and the surrounding area, with major roads clearly outlined. The Disney-owned areas are highlighted against the rest of the state. Routes can be traced from major landmarks such as the Orlando International Airport. You can get a printed version from City Maps Inc. by emailing them at info@aaccessmaps.com.

Owner Direct

This Walt Disney World map comes in two versions: a simple street map and a complex information map. The latter shows major roads and driving times to Davenport, Kissimmee, Lake Wales, and Haines City. The complex map also shows non-Disney attractions such as Windsor Hills, Emerald Island, and Chatham Park. Both versions are interactive: clicking a place name will open a new page with detailed descriptions of the attraction.

Walt Disney World Info

WDW Info provides a full-color picture map perfect for first-time visitors. It includes all the Disney theme parks, Walt Disney World resort hotels, and even golf courses. The attractions are numbered and color-coded according to area. Driving directions from the airport can be found at the lower right. The map is available in HTML form for fast loading and printing.

Disney Zone

Disney Zone features an easy-to-use illustrated map showing all of Walt Disney World Resort, as well as major roads leading to the site. This is the perfect map to give your kids, as the signs are easy to understand and popular sites are clearly marked. The map comes with a list of major theme parks and the attractions you can find in each. If you’re bringing a car, check out the road map version. This shows useful details such as park entrances, parking lots, driving directions, and distance scales. Both maps are in high resolution and will make great printouts.

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