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When looking for accommodations in Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL the first thing you should consider is your budget. Walt Disney World resorts offer three categories of accommodations in different price ranges: Value, Moderate, and Deluxe. The choice is entirely up to you.


All hotels at the Walt Disney World resorts are themed, each offering something unique and exciting. Value hotels start at around $82 per room per night (plus tax) for comfortable rooms with basic amenities, like a medium bathroom and essential appliances. Room rates in moderate hotels start at about $145 per room per night (plus tax) - they are a bit more expensive than value rooms not necessarily because they are bigger, but because they usually offer more luxurious services and are nearer the park. Meanwhile, accommodations at Deluxe hotels start at around $215 per room per night (plus tax) - a small price to pay especially for honeymooners looking for the ultimate in luxury and style.

Hotels in the Value category include the All Star Movies Resort, featuring buildings and rooms decorated with characters from Disney Movies including Toy Story, 101 Dalmatians, the Love Bug, Mighty Ducks, and Fantasia. The All Star Sports Resort is also a budget hotel, featuring landscaping, lighting, and music that create sport scenes including palm trees arranged like a basketball team during tip-off and a pool shaped like a baseball infield, with icons highlighted with fiber optics. Another popular budget resort is the All Star Music Resort, featuring giant guitars, percussions, and maracas, as well buildings with different music themes: Broadway, Jazz, Country, Rock n Roll, and Calypso.


If you are looking for hotels in the Moderate category, try the Caribbean Beach Resort, which features lush gardens, brightly colored villas, and a white-sand beach on the shores of a 45-acre lake. There is also Coronado Springs Resort, which features Spanish-style villas and palm-shaped courtyards. You can also stay at the Port Orleans-French Quarter Resort and Port Orleans - Riverside Resort, which features southern mansions and rustic row-house building villas.

In the Deluxe Category, you have at least ten choices: the Animal Kingdom Lodge, the Beach Club Resort, the BoardWalk Inn, the Contemporary Resort, the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, the Polynesian Resort, the Wilderness Lodge, the Yacht Club Resort, the Walt Disney World Dolphin, and the Walt Disney World Swan. Arguably the best most luxurious resort hotel in Disney World is Disney’s Grand Floridian. It includes a great view of the Magic Kingdom and is just ride away from it.

Non-hotel accommodations

You also have a choice of staying at club resorts, cabins, or campgrounds. Disney Vacation Club Resorts offer spacious and relaxing accommodations for an entire family with the conveniences of home. Rooms are priced from around $279 per night (plus tax). For those who prefer the outdoors, cabins and campgrounds are ideal choices. Cabins start from $249 per night (plus tax), while campsites start from $41 per night (plus tax).


Once you have chosen the resort you can afford, make sure that you make reservations early as hotels and resorts can get fully booked. You can make direct reservations by calling Disney World or by making arrangements with a Disney World agent. Sometimes booking with an agent will avail you of discounts. Make sure you scout around for the best value first. You can also search online for price comparisons of the same hotel, as well as make reservations online.

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