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Every kid in the country (maybe even the world) dreams of visiting the wonderful world of Disney - of being transported into a world of fantasy, magic, and possibilities. Disney World, covering more than 270,000 acres of land, offers more than just theme parks and entertainment "it offers an escape away from the real world", just as Walt Disney himself envisioned it. Four theme parks, two water parks, clubs and nightlife, a Sports Center, numerous hotels and resorts, and hundreds of dining options are found in Disney World Orlando, FL. There truly is a place for everyone - both kids and adults.

Theme parks

The four theme parks in Walt Disney Resort will stretch your kids’ imagination to the limits and give them an entertaining as well as educational experience they will never forget. You have a choice of getting a base ticket which allows you entry to one of the four theme parks, or an upgrade to access all four theme parks in the duration of your stay.

The Magic Kingdom (which many critics call a ‘bigger sized Disneyland’) is where fairytales and storybook fantasies come alive, and where you and your children will experience the original spirit and vision of Walt Disney.

Epcot Center is a great place for both children and adults to explore scientific and technological possibilities. The center offers educational tours about the environment and international cultures - sign up for one and your kids will surely love you.

MGM Studios is where showbiz, classic Hollywood, and popular TV memorabilia abound. Bring your children so you can watch Disney movie productions together.

Finally, there’s Animal Kingdom - home to some 1,700 animals from 250 kinds of species, as well as mythical creatures and familiar Disney characters. Your children will surely enjoy the safari adventures - just be sure they are old enough for such rides.


Since Disney World is really a World "made for kids", all hotels are made to be family-friendly. Most restaurants offer a special menu for kids. Resorts have video-game arcades, transportation to the various theme parks, and extensive recreational facilities. Disney World resorts also offer babysitting services, as well as cribs and beddings for all the rooms, available upon request.

Every child’s dream vacation can be realized in Walt Disney Resort, for every member of the family or group. Whether your kids want to play in the park, be entertained by numerous rides and attractions in theme parks, have ultimate fun in video-arcades, make friends in set programs, or eat their favorite treats, you’ll find everything you need in Disney World.

Not just for kids

If you’re not one for theme parks and wild rides, programs can be set for your kids so that you can lounge around the beaches at the shores of Bay Lake. You can also treat yourself to a massage or spa, play some tennis, do some fitness exercise, or try some water sports.

Dining options range from over-the-counter eateries to sit-down dinners and fine dining. In the evening, you can have quality time with your kids and all of the members of the family by enjoying the spectacular fireworks display or watching a stage show in one of the themed restaurants. Villas and resorts with themes such as Caribbean, Polynesian, and Port Orleans, will transport you to the place of your perfect vacation. If variety is what you are looking for, then you can’t go wrong with Walt Disney Resort.

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